RODE Wireless PRO 2-Person Clip-On Wireless Microphone System/Recorder with Lavaliers

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Key Features

  • 2-Person Interviews, Content & Podcasts
  • 2 x Mini Clip-On Transmitter/Recorders
  • Built-In Omni Mics & Included Lav Mics
  • 2-Channel Receiver with Metering Display
  • Use with Camera, Mobile Device, Computer
  • Records 40 Hours of 32-Bit Float Audio
  • Timecode Support, Encryption
  • Intelligent Gain Assist, Headphone Jack
  • 7-Hr Rechargeable Batteries + USB Power
  • Charging Case, 853′ Range

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Engineered for serious content creators looking for easy-to-use, broadcast-quality wireless audio, the Rode Wireless PRO provides a powerful feature set that ensures reliable performance while keeping your on-set workflow moving quickly and efficiently. The system allows you to record two on-camera personalities at the same time to your camera, smartphone, or computer and provides two clip-on transmitters with built-in microphones, 32-bit float back-up recording, timecode support, and two lavalier mics, along with a dual-channel receiver and a host of accessories to seamlessly integrate with your camera, laptop, or mobile device.
Two Transmitters with Built-In Mics, Lavaliers, and 32-Bit Float Recording
  • Each of the compact transmitters clips quickly and easily to talent and features a built-in microphone with a forgiving omnidirectional pickup pattern that makes it easy to place on talent and get great sound.
  • For a more discreet look, two lavalier mics are included; these plug securely into the locking 3.5mm jacks on the transmitters—which can be clipped to belts or hidden in pockets.
  • Intelligent GainAssist technology automatically sets input levels for you, saving you time and worry on set.
  • Each transmitter features 32GB of internal storage, allowing you to record up to 40 hours of uncompressed back-up recordings while simultaneously transmitting to the receiver.
  • The transmitters feature 32-bit float recording to maximize the dynamic range, prevent digital clipping, and ensure noise-free normalizing, even on very quiet recordings.
  • Advanced timecode capabilities offer quick-and-easy audio/video sync in postproduction.
  • A two-step high-pass filter can be set to 75 or 100 Hz to reduce unwanted low frequencies for clearer speech
  • The lavaliers feature foam windscreens, and furry windscreens are provided for the lavs and transmitter mics for outdoor shooting.
A Dual-Channel Receiver for Your Phone, Camera, or Computer
  • The compact and lightweight dual-channel receiver attaches to your camera or mobile device and allows you to record the incoming transmitters’ signals to your device’s audio tracks.
  • Its bright, high-contrast display shows battery status for the receiver and transmitters, audio level, signal strength, and more.
  • Rode’s Series IV technology provides reliable, crystal-clear wireless transmission at a range up to 853′ and features 128-bit encryption for security.
  • The Wireless PRO is fully compatible with other Rode Series IV wireless devices, including the Wireless GO II, Wireless ME, RODECaster Duo, and RODECaster Pro II to ensure they work seamlessly together.
  • A comprehensive cable set is included, allowing you to record to devices with 3.5mm, USB-C, and Lightning connectors.
  • Monitor your audio in the field with the Wireless PRO’s high-power headphone output, complete with onboard level control, or connect a headset or narrator microphone such as a lavalier to capture a third audio track.
Versatile Powering Options to Maximize Shooting Time
  • Internal lithium-ion polymer batteries in the transmitters and receiver offer up to seven hours of battery life to handle long shoots.
  • The included smart charging case will completely recharge both transmitters and the receiver two times.
  • Easily recharge over lunch and dinner breaks—go from empty to a full charge in just 2.5 hours.
  • USB Type-C ports provide for battery recharging, powering via external USB battery packs (available separately), and firmware updates.
  • The case also allows for ultrafast data transfer, so you can quickly export recordings on the move.
  • The transmitters can be set to automatically turn off after 15 minutes if they aren’t recording or aren’t paired to preserve battery life.
  • Use the plug-in power detection option on the receiver to further extended battery life.
Professional Features for Serious Content Creators
  • Designed with stunning simplicity and efficiency in mind, the Rode Wireless PRO offers instantaneous functionality out of the box for your next news shoot, video project, or interview. Power up, let the receiver and transmitters automatically pair, then Go PRO.
  • Precisely match your mic to your camera with flexible gain controls and tailored presets. Add an extra layer of protection with the safety channel.
  • Check your audio levels at a glance with the bright LCD display and configure settings on the fly with dedicated controls for everything from gain adjustment to triggering recordings. Customize the system to your needs anywhere using your computer or smartphone with the RØDE Central app. The Wireless PRO gives you complete control over your setup, so you can be ready for any recording situation.
Timecode Support for Fast and Easy Audio and Video Sync
  • Timecode is a media synchronization system that is designed to perfectly synchronize all your audio and video recordings. Not only does timecode save you time in the editing process, especially when working on shoots using multiple cameras and audio recorders, but it also becomes a single source of truth for referencing specific scenes, moments, or timestamps within your project.
  • Timecode essentially works by labelling every clip with the exact time it starts. These timings are frame-accurate, which means clips can be perfectly aligned down to a fraction of a second, even if your devices started or stopped recording at different times.
  • The Wireless PRO receiver acts as the ‘Source’ in a timecode setup, meaning that timecode is generated by the Wireless PRO and is received by other ‘Sync’ devices, such as cameras and audio recorders.
  • The Wireless PRO outputs timecode information as an audio signal. If your camera accepts timecode, it will record this data into your video files directly, but if it doesn’t then you can still record this audio timecode signal into your camera’s mic or aux input just like you would a microphone—this audio is then later recognized as timecode in your editing software.
  • The Wireless Pro receiver will automatically send timecode to the transmitters, so the recordings on your transmitters will have timecode baked into them and be perfectly synchronized, but you need to record the timecode onto your camera(s), so that your video files also have this sync information.


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