Saramonic WiTalk-WT5D 5-Person Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom System with Dual-Ear Headsets (1.9 GHz)

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Key Features
  • Production Crew Communication (5 People)
  • No Hub Required
  • 1 True-Wireless Master Headset
  • 4 True-Wireless Remote Headsets
  • Adjustable Boom, Auto-Mutes when Up
  • Full-Duplex Communication up to 1312′
  • Breathable Isolating Leatherette Earpads
  • Includes Batteries and 10-Port Charger
  • Expandable System
  • Includes Hard Case
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The Saramonic WiTalk-WT5D is a full-duplex wireless intercom system engineered to provide clear audio and all-day wearing comfort in a true-wireless design with no hub or bodypack required. This configuration includes 1 dual-ear master headset, 4 dual-ear remote headsets, 5 rechargeable batteries, a 10-bay charger with AC adapter, and a watertight carrying case. The system provides reliable transmission to all the wireless headsets at a line-of-sight range of up to 1312’—making it well suited for a variety of applications, including public and sporting events, film and video production, project coordination, and much more.

True Full-Duplex Operation with Simultaneous Communication for 5 People
  • Unlike some intercom systems that say they are full duplex, the WiTalk-WT5D is a real full-duplex intercom system, allowing your team of up to 5 people to simultaneously communicate at any time.
  • There are no limitations on how many people can speak at the same time, allowing your team to communicate efficiently without having to wait for another user to stop talking.
  • The WiTalk intercom is much more powerful and effective then walkie-talkies, other two-way systems, and other full-duplex intercoms that limit your communication to 1 to 2 users at a time.
Dual-Ear Headsets with Adjustable Boom Mic & Rotatable Earcup
  • The WiTalk-WT5D adjustable headsets are designed to be incredibly comfortable and extremely lightweight.
  • They feature soft breathable leatherette earpads, enabling users to comfortably wear the headsets during a long production.
  • For added flexibility, the microphone boom arm offers 270° swivel, allowing users to configure the headsets with the mic on the left or right side.
  • The adjustable headband and rotatable earcup help to ensure all-day wearing comfort.
Hands-Free Operation with Easy-to-Access Controls when Needed
  • The WiTalk-WT5D is truly hands-free, allowing users to work and communicate with ease and without reaching for a push-to-talk every time they need to speak.
  • Whether you are a film crew with a director calling the shots, a stage team making sure the production runs smoothly, or a coaching team on the sidelines, the WiTalk lets you communicate clearly without having to worry about unneeded controls.
  • When you need to mute your microphone, it’s just as easy as flipping the gooseneck mic up or pressing mute on the remote’s earcup controller.
  • Volume adjustments are just as simple, with easy to find up-and-down buttons on the earcup controller and hub.
Intelligent Design for Focused High-Quality Sound
  • High-quality sound is just as important as range and comfort with intercom systems, especially when working in a noisy environment like a concert or sporting event.
  • The WiTalk-WT5D is designed with sound quality as its highest priority, delivering high-resolution sound with a 65 dB signal-to-noise ratio and a frequency response tailored for the human voice.
  • The microphone is designed to filter out extraneous audio, so you’re not transmitting anything but your team’s communication.
  • Comfortable over-the-ear earpads make it even easier to focus on your crew.
Extended Range and Power You Can Rely On, Indoors and Out
  • Operating in the less congested 1.9 GHz spectrum, the WiTalk delivers a high-quality signal and extended range, without interference.
  • It features a working range of up to 1312′ line-of-sight, giving your team the freedom to work in large venues or locations, while still in communication.
  • A full system charge gives you an incredible runtime of up to 18 hours on the remote headsets, and 5 hours on the master headset with up to 4 remotes in use.
  • A 10-bay charger is included, allowing you to quickly charge batteries for your system, and additional inexpensive WiTalk-BP batteries are available (sold separately), allowing you to have more power on hand when you need it.
  • Each headset also features a USB-C port to power and charge the system while in use with USB battery packs or power supplies.
An Expandable System for up to 17 People
  • The WiTalk-WT5D system doesn’t just limit you to 5 people, it is an expandable system that lets you create an intercom system for up to 17 users.
  • The system supports up to 5 users without a hub. Replace the master headset with a WiTalk-Hub base station and an WiTalk-LBH headset (both available separately), and you can add up to 4 more remote headsets for a 9-person system.
  • Add a second WiTalk-Hub with a WiTalk-Link cable to accommodate up to 8 more remote headsets for a 17-person system. The WiTalk is ready to equip your entire team, even as your needs grow.
  • You can even mix and match single- and dual-ear headsets to suit your crew’s needs.


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