Sony HDC-3200 2/3″ 4K 3CMOS Global Shutter Broadcast Camera

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Key Features

  • 2/3″ 4K CMOS sensor
  • Global Shutter for Crisp Imaging
  • F10 at 1080p59.94, F11 at 1080p50
  • BT.2020 Wide Color Space Support
  • Easy IP Live Production Conversion
  • Simultaneous HDR & SDR Production
  • Quick Large-Lens Conversion
  • Compatible with HDC Series Components
  • Wider, Ergonomic Handgrip
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Sony HDC-3200 Overview

The Sony HDC-3200 2/3″ 4K 3CMOS Global Shutter Broadcast Camera provides pristine 4K image quality and impressive versatility for live production. This modular 1080p60 camera can be upgraded for 4K capture using a separately available license, no hardware changes necessary. Sharing many operational features with the Sony HDC camera series, the HDC-3200 features a highly sensitive 4K 3CMOS sensor with a global shutter, delivering crisp images with extremely low noise, even in dimly lit environments.

4K CMOS Sensor with Global Shutter
The 2/3″ 4K CMOS image sensor provides extremely high sensitivity with an impressive signal-to-noise ratio while its global shutter eliminates any “jello” effect and banding noise, enabling stable image capture even with fast-moving subjects. Images are created with impressive 4K detail, high dynamic range, and support for the ITU-R BT.2020 wide color space.
Quick Conversion
Compatibility with the separately available HDLA-3505 and HDLA-3501 large lens adapters enables the HDC-3200 to quickly convert from handheld to studio setups.
HDC Workflow
The HDC-3200 is compatible with a wide range of Sony HDC camera system accessories, including viewfinders, large lens adaptors, and camera control units. This shared workflow reduces training requirements and optimizes the use of your existing hardware inventory.
IP Live Production Ready
The versatile, cost-effective HDC-3200 can be integrated seamlessly into your ST 2110 production infrastructure, either via the HDCU-3500/3100 CCU with IP interface option or using the HDCE-TX50/TX30 camera extension adaptor.
Simultaneous HDR and SDR Production
The HDC-3200 supports Sony’s acclaimed SR Live workflow, reducing the cost and complexity of simultaneous HDR and SDR program production by the use of a single crew.
Optional CCU Recording
Use with the optional HKCU-REC55 or HDCU-3500 Camera Control Unit to record 4K video and audio directly to the CCU with no other external recording device needed. Recording can be controlled remotely from the CCU side, enabling the camera operator to focus on capturing beautiful images without distractions.
Optional Web Control
The menu of the optional HDCU-3500/3100 Camera Control Unit can be accessed remotely via a web browser, enabling convenient monitoring of optical levels and the status of multiple CCUs from a remote PC.
Focus Assistance
Three focus positions can be assigned to preset buttons, making it easy to quickly find preset focal positions during live shooting.
ARIA Lens Compatibility
Support for ARIA (Automatic Restoration of Illumination Attenuation) compensates for exposure ramping and peripheral light loss with compatible zoom lenses, making the HDC-3200 ideal for live production.
Ergonomic Grip
The ergonomic, widened handle is easy to grip, even when wearing gloves, and visibility through the grip area has been improved.


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