Atomos Button Bar for NEON Monitor/Recorder

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Key Features

  • Compact Remote Control Unit
  • Fast Access to NEON Toolset
  • Access Scopes, LUT Previews & More
  • Record Command and Playback Clip Review
  • Adjustable Backlight Tactile Buttons
  • DC Cable Connection for Control & Power
  • Anti-Twist Threads and Long NATO Rail
  • Aluminum Housing
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Atomos ATOMBBRCU1 Overview

The Button Bar is a compact remote control unit that gives you access to the Atomos NEON monitor/recorder functions. It features tactile buttons with adjustable backlight levels and lets you access and control scopes, assist tools, frame guides, LUT previews, and more. With dedicated buttons for record and playback, you can perform functions such as jump into the last take to review the shot, or go frame by frame, or loop the entire clip. DITs can use the Button Bar in combination with the Atomos NEON AtomRemote app for iOS or macOS to define and set the color pipeline and project settings.

The Button Bar connects to the NEON monitor over an included 2.5mm DC cable for both control and power, so no additional power source is required. Optional longer cables with a LANC connection can be used to extend the distance between the two devices. The Button Bar can be set on a desktop or mounted into your setup via built-in anti-twist 3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 threads or a NATO rail that runs along the full length of the device.

Rec Button

  • Start / stop / jump to record


  • Enter playback of last recorded clip
  • Next clip
  • Previous clip
  • Play / pause
  • 10x forward
  • 10x back
  • Step frame forward
  • Step frame back
  • Loop

F1: Luma Waveform On / Off

  • Adjust opacity
  • Adjust transparency
  • Adjust size / position
  • Adjust transparency of WFM
  • Adjust size / position of WFM

F1: RGB Parade Waveform On / Off

  • Adjust opacity
  • Adjust transparency
  • Adjust size / position

F1: Vectorscope On / Off

  • Adjust opacity
  • Adjust transparency
  • Adjust size / position

F2: Focus Peaking On / Off

  • Adjust color
  • Adjust intensity
  • Adjust style

F2: Zebra

  • Adjust threshold

F2: False Color

  • On / off

F2: Zoom

  • 1:1 pixel
  • 2 x

F3: Turn LUT On / Off

  • LUT 1 – 8
  • Right arrow > next LUT slots
  • Left arrow < previous LUT slots

F4: Frame Guide On / Off

  • Next frame guide
  • Previous frame guide

F4: Safe Area On / Off

  • Action safe
  • Action and title safe

F4: Anamorphic De-squeeze On / Off

  • Next de-squeeze option
  • Previous de-squeeze option

F4: Blue Only

  • On / Off


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