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Key Features
  • For Film, Broadcasting, Video Production
  • Output: 30,600 Lux at 3.3′ w/ Reflector
  • 2700-6500K CCT; Full RGB Color Control
  • AC Power, Optional V-Mount Battery
  • Onboard and App Control
  • CRI 97 | TLCI 98 | TM-30 Rf 93, Rg 103
  • Fan Cooled
  • Weighs 3.5 lb
  • Bowens S Accessory Mount
  • Modular and Stackable Design
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COLBOR CL220R Overview

Employing a unique cube design and optimal color control, the CL220R RGB COB LED Video Light from COLBOR offers multiple features in a stackable, bright fixture that is lightweight at just 3.5 lb. The CL220R is part of a line of ultracompact and highly portable light sources ideal for film, video, vlogging, and more. This RGBWW version gives you access to literally millions of colors that can be displayed in HSI mode, green/magenta shift for color correction, color pick functionality, and a quiet fan mode.

While you can make adjustments locally on the fixture with an easy-to-read LCD screen, you can also make them remotely using an optional controller or via an app, which is a convenient way to set the CCT and HSI or to select from 13 creative effects. The light can be powered by optional V-mount batteries or AC power. Furthermore, you can even stack up to three units together to create a powerful matrix.

Ultrabright 220W COB Video Light
The CL220R is a 220W LED monolight able to maximize the output power to 250W, deliver 7100 lux at 3.3′, and achieve a higher output of 30,600 lux at 3.3′ with the included reflector. You can get a more powerful, single light source by stacking up to three units together with the separately available COLBOR NQD1 accessory.
360° Color Adjustable RGBWW
Featuring a CCT range of 2700 to 6500K, the CL220R’s RGBWW capability gives the shooter access to the 360° color wheel with all its hue and saturation variations for millions of colors. A color pick function allows you to match real-life colors. Light intensity is variable too, from 0 to 100% to match the ambient level or serve as an adjustable key light. The CL220R’s algorithm maintains consistent brightness and full output for all color temperatures.
Green/Magenta Adjustment
The CL220R has a green-to-magenta shift by +/- 10 to match other light sources or achieve a specific look.
High Color Accuracy Ratings
The fixture is designed to reveal the original color of subjects fulfilling your shoots with accurate colors. With CRI of 97, TLCI of 98, SSI of 83 at 3200K, SSI of 73 at 5600K, TM-30 Rf of 93, and TM-30 Rg of 103, your footage and images will always be color-accurate.
13 Built-In Special Effects
13 built-in lighting effects will help you achieve different creative looks. Imitate lighting scenarios that can otherwise be tricky to recreate with fire, spark, CCT chase, pulsing, beacon, TV, party, explosion, faulty bulb, welding, strobe, lightning, and SOS effects.
Matrix Control System for Simultaneous Lighting Adjustment
Each CL220R can work as the controller to others with the integration of the Matrix Control System. It plays a big role when more lights are established together into a Light Neural network. You can achieve consistent brightness and color temperature adjustment for controlling multiple lights at the same time.

  • The optional CTRL1 controller allows remote control at distances up to 492′
Multiple Power Supplies
  • The light runs on AC power, but it will also run on one or two 14.8V separately available V-mount batteries for outdoor shooting
  • The fixture can work with a single V-mount battery to output half of its maximum power
Quiet Fan Cooled System
The CL220R is cooled by a fan with three different modes. The quiet mode is ideal for sound-sensitive environments. The fixture can keep a balance between high output and low noise at just 30 dB with a cooling system that protects and extends the LED life.

  • Smart, performance, and quiet modes
Universal Adaptability
Universal Bowens mount is widely compatible with all kinds of light modifiers, allowing you to switch between hard and soft lighting or other types of lighting for various filming requirements. The standard NATO groove opens the use of a wide variety of optional NATO accessories.
Very Compact Fixture Weighs 3.5 lb, Made of Sturdy Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum alloy is used to manufacture the fixture that only weighs 3.5 lb. It’s small and portable enough to be stored in your backpack. COLBOR includes a carry bag for convenience.


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