SHAPE Sony FS7M2 V-Lock Quick Release Baseplate

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Key Features

  • VCT-Compatible Baseplate
  • Conforms to 15mm LWS
  • Front Rosettes for Handles
  • Includes 8″ Rods
  • Removable Shoulder Pad

SHAPE FS72BP Overview

With SHAPE‘s Sony FS7M2 V-Lock Quick Release Baseplate you can build a 15mm LWS rig around your FS7 or FS7M2 camera. The included 15mm rods enable you to mount a matte box, follow focus, lens support or other production accessory. Since the plate is designed for the FS7, correct lens height is ensured for correct accessory clearance. A rear insert plate is included to support the raised rear portion of the FS7 body, increasing the surface area of the camera base.

The mounting points on the bottom of the baseplate itself can secure to a standard VCT-14 quick release tripod plate. When not locked down, the shoulder pad provides cushioned support for handheld shooting. Touch-fastener on the shoulder pad allows easy removal for cleaning or replacement.

Further handheld options can be introduced using the rosettes towards the front of the baseplate. Separately available handgrips, like the SHAPE Telescoping Handles can be secured directly to the baseplate for increased stability. Separately available 15mm rods can also be attached at the rear of the plate using the 15mm Rod Bloc (also available separately).


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