SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box VND Filter Bundle (95mm Back) 3645

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Key Features
  • Fits Lenses up to 95mm Outer Diameter
  • Four Removable Threaded Adapter Rings
  • VND Filter Set
  • Dual 15mm Rod Support
  • Carbon Fiber Top Flag, Lens Hood
  • 4 x 5.65″ Filter Trays, Storage Bag
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This Star-Trail Lightweight Multifunctional Modular Matte Box VND Filter Bundle from SmallRig equips you with a matte box with a 95mm opening, threaded adapter rings, a VND filter set, and a dual 15mm rod support for your camera rig. These accessories allow you full control over your camera’s light exposure for improved video quality indoors or outdoors. Quick release designs on all the accessories make changing your configuration a breeze.

SmallRig Star-Trail Lightweight Multifunctional Modular Matte Box Basic Bundle (95mm Back)

Prevent lens flares and avoid glare in your footage with this Star-Trail Lightweight Multifunctional Modular Matte Box Basic Bundle from SmallRig. The matte box has a 95mm opening, making it compatible with 95mm lens diameters, and includes four threaded adapter rings to accommodate lenses of smaller measurements. Lenses with a focal length of 14mm or more are also supported by the matte box, allowing you to shoot ultra-wide angles.

This basic bundle also includes a 4 x 5.65″ filter tray, lens hood, and top flag to further adjust for bright sunlight or fill lights. All the accessories and the matte box can be stored in the storage bag for transportation to your next shoot.

Features at a Glance
  • Includes one 4 x 5.6″ filter tray
  • Compatible with focal lengths 14mm and longer without vignette
  • Lens hood installs magnetically
  • Top flag has quick release design and opens 180°
Adapter Rings
  • 67 to 95mm
  • 72 to 95mm
  • 77 to 95mm
  • 82 to 95mm
SmallRig VND Filter Set for Star-Trail and Revo-Arcane Matte Boxes

This VND Filter Set from SmallRig equips you with two CPL filters and one filter tray to create a singular variable neutral density filter with 1 to 8 stops of light control. The two filters connect to one another magnetically before inserting into the filter tray. Manual adjustment of the filter with physical stops makes adjusting your exposure intuitive for balancing light both indoors and outdoors. To avoid cross effects in your footage, the filters are best suited for lenses greater than 35mm in length. The set attaches to your compatible Star-Trail or Revo-Arcane matte box with a quick-release design.

  • Star-Trail 95mm matte box
  • Revo-Arcane 114mm matte box
  • Lenses > 35mm focal length
SmallRig 15mm LWS Support

Attach a SmallRig Star-Trail, Revo-Arcane, or Mini Series matte box to a rail support system using the SmallRig 15mm LWS Support. A 1/4″-20 anti-twist screw secures the matte box, and dual 15mm LWS rod clamps secure the support to a compatible rail system. The support is vertically adjustable 0.8″ and accommodates a wide range of DSLR and cine lenses. A horizontal support at the bottom prevents tilting for an additional layer of security.

Lens Diameter Compatibility
  • 52mm
  • 55mm
  • 58mm
  • 62mm
  • 67mm
  • 72mm
  • 77mm
  • 80mm
  • 82mm
  • 86mm
  • 95mm
SmallRig Matte Box Compatibility
  • Star-Trail 95mm
  • Revo-Arcane 114mm
  • Mini Series matte boxes


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