STARTRC ABS Hard case for DJI AVATA(compatibale with DJI Controller 2,Goggles 2 and FPV Goggles V2)

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1. Spesically design for DJI Avata, hard shell design, wear-resistant and drop-resistant
2. Highly tight waterproof, can withstand repeated watering test;
3. High-density sponge, good flexibility, easy to store the drone body and its accessories
4. Portable handle, strong bearing capacity, comfortable hand feeling, relieve pressure
5. Material: ABS+high density sponge
6. Size: 39.8 x 36.8 x 13.5 cm

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  • * 【Custom Design】This hard case is specially designed for DJI Avanta combo with Goggle 2/FPV Goggle V2/FPV Controller/Motion Controller accessories.
  • * 【Large Capacity】The Avatar case can accommodate: 1x Avatar Drone, 1x FPV Motion Controller, 1x FPV Controller, 1x Goggle 2/FPV Goggle V2, 4x Batteries, 1x Charger, 1x Charging Hub, Remote Control Cable , propellers and more accessories.
  • * 【Reliable Quality】The Avata carrying case is made of high-strength ABS with upgraded EVA multi-layer protection for incredible impact resistance, keeping your drone and accessories organized. Anti-collision and anti-scratch while driving or driving.
  • * 【IP67 Waterproof】This Avata hard case keeps the case securely closed at all times, effectively waterproof and shockproof, perfect for travel or home storage.
  • * 【What You Get】1 x Hard Case, 1x Shoulder Strap. (Note: Drone, controller and other accessories are not included).
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Package Weight
One Package Weight 3.00kgs / 6.62lb
One Package Size 42cm * 40cm * 16cm / 16.54inch * 15.75inch * 6.3inch
Qty per Carton 4
Carton Weight 13.00kgs / 28.66lb
Carton Size 65cm * 42cm * 42cm / 25.59inch * 16.54inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 232 cartons * 4 pcs = 928 pcs
40HQ: 539 cartons * 4 pcs = 2156 pcs


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