Zacuto ACT Recoil Rig for Sony a7R IV

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Key Features

  • ACT Rig with Z-S4C Cage for Sony a7R IV
  • ACT Baseplate with 15mm Rods
  • Right-Hand and Tactical Trigger Grips
  • ACT EVF Pro, Axis Micro EVF Mounting Arm
  • Arca-Type Quick Release Plate
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Zacuto ACT Recoil Overview

Support your Sony a7R IV camera with this adjustable ACT Recoil Rig from Zacuto. The modular rig is made up of the ACT Baseplate, the Z-S4C cage, the ACT EVF Pro, a right-hand wooden trigger grip, the Tactical Handle, and the Axis Micro EVF mounting arm. The ACT open design allows you to support your rig on your shoulder while remaining highly adjustable, allowing you to add more accessories and additional rig components if required.

The Z-S4C cage is specifically designed for the Sony a7R IV camera and provides multiple 1/4″-20 accessory threads, a hand strap, a shoe mount, a Z-Rail, and an HDMI clamp. The cage mounts onto the shoulder-mount baseplate, which features 15mm rods and rod ports on the front and back, and it features an Arca-type quick release plate.

The wood right-hand grip can be mounted onto one of the 15mm rods and can adjust to your preferred position, and the tactical handle can be attached as a top handle or used on the left side if desired. Monitor your video with the ACT EVF Pro, which features 800 x 480 resolution and can input up to 1080p video via HDMI. The Axis Micro allows you to mount the ACT EVF Pro or monitor onto one of the 15mm baseplate rods.

Zacuto ACT Baseplate

Mount your DSLR or mirrorless camera such as a Panasonic GH5 Mark II and additional accessories such as a matte box, follow focus, or extension arms using the ACT Baseplate from Zacuto. The baseplate features a built-in shoulder pad, an Arca-type mounting plate, a quick release Arca-type camera plate, 15mm rod ports on the front and back, two 15mm rods, and stylish red locking levers all around.

The 15mm rods can be installed in the front or back of the plate, and they are secured with a quick release design. The Arca-type bottom plate can be mounted onto the ACT Mounting Plate or other Arca-compatible mounts. The red Arca-type camera plate features quick release functionality, pads to prevent twisting or slipping, and it’s inset into the baseplate for a low-profile design. Scale markings along the top assist with balancing.

Key Features

For DSLR or mirrorless cameras such as the Panasonic GH5 Mark II
15mm LWS front and rear rod ports
Arca-style quick release plate
1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 tripod mount holes
Built-in ergonomic shoulder pad
Two 15mm rods
Scale markings for balance

Zacuto ACT EVF Pro

Monitor high-resolution video from your camera with the ACT EVF Pro from Zacuto. The EVF features a 3.5″ backlit LED display, 800 x 480 resolution, and a wide 160° viewing angle, and it supports video input up to 1080p. The compact, lightweight EVF weighs only 11.7 oz.

A single HDMI input allows you to monitor up to 1080p video, and it features an HDMI loop output that allows you to daisy-chain the EVF with other displays without losing image quality. The optics also feature Zacuto’s anti-fog coatings, ensuring clear viewing in humid or extreme temperature conditions, and 1.8x magnification using +1 and +2 drop-in diopters. The display features numerous functions such as check field, markers, image flip, battery meter, image freeze, zoom, and color temperature.

You can mount the EVF Pro using the 1/4″-20 rosette or by using the 1/4″-20 threads on the top, sides, and bottom. You can monitor audio using the 3.5mm headphone jack, and it is powered using an LP-E6 battery.


3.5″ 800 x 480 LED display
160° angle of view
Input up to 1080p resolution via HDMI
Power using LP-E6 battery
HDMI loop output supports display daisy-chaining
1/4″-20 threads on top, bottom, and sides
Rosette with 1/4″-20 thread for mounting
Zacuto anti-fog optics
+1 and +2 drop-in diopters

Monitoring and Image Analysis Tools

Check field
Peaking focus assist
Pixel mapping
Center marker
Safe marker (80%, 85%, 90%, 93%, 96%, and 2.35:1)
Image flip (horizontal, vertical, and horizontal/vertical)
Battery meter
Custom color temperature

Zacuto Right-Hand Wood Trigger Grip

The Right-Hand Wood Trigger Grip from Zacuto is a highly adjustable wooden grip that mounts onto a 15mm rod and provides right-handed support for your camera cage or rig. It enables full 360° rotation with the press of a button trigger.

Zacuto Axis Micro EVF Mount

Attach a rosette-mounted EVF to your camera or rig with the Axis Micro from Zacuto. This adjustable mounting arm, slightly more compact than its big sister the Axis Mini, is designed to attach to the top of your camera setup using its micro 15mm rod to provide you with ample room for adjusting focus or working with large lenses. It attaches directly to rigs fitted with a 15mm rod port and mounts EVFs, such as the ACT EVF Pro or Gratical HD, using its secure 1/4″-20 rosette.

Zacuto Tactical Handle

Add a versatile handle to your camera rig or cage with the Tactical Handle from Zacuto, which features a slim, adjustable design that allows you to use it as a top handle or side handgrip. It features a built-in Z-Rail/NATO-type rail on top, a shoe mount, and multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting threads that enable you to mount a variety of accessories. Its grip features finger grooves and is lined with wood for a smooth, comfortable feel.

The Tactical Handle mounts onto any Z-Rail/NATO rail, and the Z-Rail jaw clamp can be twisted and oriented in multiple ways to work on horizontal or vertical Z-Rails. The spring-loaded locking lever enables tightening or loosening of the joint, so it can be reconfigured as a top or side handle. The handle is suitable for use with small cameras such as the Panasonic GH5 Mark II.


Small mirrorless and DSLR cameras such as the Panasonic GH5 Mark II

Also compatible with but not limited to:
Zacuto 3″ Z-Rail
Zacuto 5″ Z-Rail
Zacuto Universal Monitor Mount
Zacuto ACT Recoil Shoulder Rig
Zacuto DSLM or DSLM Cage
Zacuto Axis Mini Mount
Zacuto Axis Micro Mount
Zacuto EVF Mounts

Zacuto Camera Cage for Sony a7R IV

The Camera Cage from Zacuto features an open design for the Sony a7R IV camera that lends itself to Zacuto’s “no-cage” cage designation. An Arca-Swiss dovetail is integrated into the bottom of the cage, providing compatibility with the Zacuto Polaris 15mm LWS Baseplate System as well as third-party systems. The camera attaches to a 1/4″-20 screw on the mounting platform of the cage. It also secures to the sides of the cage via the camera’s neck strap eyelets using two included dedicated screws.

The cage allows for full access to all controls, slots, and ports of the camera. While the included hand strap attaches to the right side of the cage, the left side supports an optional wooden handle. Additionally, the cage has a built-in, NATO-compatible Z-Rail which allows for quick release mounting of an optional Zacuto or third-party top handle. The cage also features an HDMI safety clamp to prevent cable pulls. For accessories, a shoe mount and multiple 1/4″-20 accessory mounting threads are offered on the top of the cage. For direct tripod mounting, both 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads are provided on the bottom.

Key Features

  • Arca-type dovetail on the bottom
  • Direct compatibility with the Zacuto Polaris 15mm LWS Baseplate System, sold separately
  • Hand strap included; optional wooden handle supported
  • Built-in NATO-compatible Z-Rail for top handles
  • HDMI cable clamp
  • 1/4″-20 accessory mounting threads
  • 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 tripod mount threads
  • Shoe mount


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